Forest Miller

Forest is a multi-instrumentalist playing

electric and fretless bass, violin, guitar and mandolin, as well as being a vocalist.

Currently 18 years old, Forests bio boasts working with some of the best in the business including Vince Gill, Stevie Winwood, Bella Fleck, Roy Wooten and many others.

He performs regularly with the  band  “The Cumber land Collective”, as well as with Briana Tyson, Kelly Willis and Rogers, and has his own group called “Chasin’ Crazy” . Forest is alo the bassist for “XX Bottom”, a Texas style blues band in the tradition of ZZ Top.  Recently Forest played electric violin and bass  on the XX Bottom song  “Voodoo” which was an Oscar contender for best song in a motion picture. (Halloween Party)

Forest is available for sessions and live work.

Forest was born in Malibu California and moved to Nashville Tennessee at age 2. He comes from a musical family. His father, Bruce Michael Miller is  a guitarist and singer who has performed with Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, and many others. Forest grew up performing on his fathers recordings and has played live hundreds of times at various venues in Nashville, regionally and in Canada.

Forest started Suzuki violin lessons at age 6 and practiced for 1000 days in a row before taking a day off. He has been called a prodigy by his teachers. He recently completed his second CD titled “Summer’s Gone” where he played violin, electric bass, guitar, sang and wrote all of the songs.

Forest was the bassist and vocalist for the now defunct trio The Least Of Your Worries. Their self titled album was recorded in 2 days in Nashville’s legendary Creative Studios.

Recently Forest had the honor and priveledge of playing with the legendary “Time Jumpers” at Nashvilles world famous “Station Inn” where he shared the stage with Vince Gill, Joe Spivey, Paul Franklin, Larry Franklin, Kenny and Dawn Sears , Jeff Taylor and Andy Reise.

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